đź‘‹ Ahoy

I'm a software engineer and open source maintainer. I have broad experience with Google Cloud, DevOps, Frontend, Backend, API and Cloud Architecture. My main interests are developer tools and team / project / management methods to drive productivity and delivery.



Links to blog posts, books, conference talks or videos I have found interesting. Expect frequent appearances of people like: Jonathan Blow, DHH, Evan Czaplicki.


I like to improve my workflow, so I have tried authoring, contributing to, and helping maintain some open-source software tools, notably:

  • asdf-vm (core maintainer): a "version manager" to help developers manage the tools they use pinning to specific versions.
  • asdf-gcloud (author): a Google Cloud CLI plugin for asdf.
  • meta-cloud-builders (author): a tool to build and maintain your Google Cloud Build "builder" and "triggers" in configuration files alongside the application that uses them.
  • svelte-adapter-firebase (author): a tool to help deploy a Svelte Kit website to Google Firebase CDN & Cloud Functions for a hybrid SSR/CSR application experience. Developed ~2 years before official support from Google themselves. Now deprecated.

More on GitHub, with more to come!

Technology Interests

Infrastructure / PaaS:

  • Cloudflare: Cloudflare started as a CDN/Hosting/Networking platform but now has the explicit goal of becoming cloud#4 and competing with AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.
  • Google Cloud: Google Cloud is a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products.
  • Pulumi: Pulumi is a cloud engineering platform that lets you build, deploy, and manage cloud infrastructure using existing programming languages.
  • Fly.io / Deno Deploy / Vercel / Render


  • V: Simple, fast, safe, compiled. For developing maintainable software. V is very similar to Go. If you know Go, you already know ≈80% of V. Things V improves on Go.
  • Go: Go was written by Googlers as a modern, statically typed, compiled language that feels like a scripting language.
  • JavaScript / TypeScript